Some thoughts on Genesis and Genesis 2

Vittorio 4.2 for Victoria 4

Small digression on the new DAZ product.

Then, I state that I’m not against Genesis, the DAZ multi morph figure, even when it came out I was surprised that DAZ had finally realized that making a single base mesh was the winning idea. Then yesterday came out Genesis 2, on the contrary, with the female figure of the Genesis 2 base, and I thought, “but how, before they make a mesh asexual, and now they differentiate it again??”.

Then I saw that products have already come out to no end, first of all the morph to shape the body and the new Victoria 6, and then I started to realize that now even DAZ 3D doesn’t want to give away anything.

Yeah, it was understood when they had removed the Free Items of the Week :(.

However, I have not bought anything of Genesis, all I have is free, including a FREE great set of morphs to create the base of a very nice female pin-up, which can also be used to make some good guys.
No need to buy Victoria 5, Michael 5 and companionship. For the clothes, thanks to that holy Willmap on ShareCG, now there is plenty of choice, and even more due someone else like Evilelliot, that engages and creates interesting things.

So, I tell myself, but I need Genesis 2?

Then thinking about well, when it came out Victoria 4, she had a morph called Male Morph, then I bought a couple of morph sets and characters to exploit this ability of V4 transgender, and sincerely I can make big things if you put me there.

So, think about it, I have already the Genesis that I wanted, in the sense that I already had a figure that could be both man and woman, with many more morph to create monsters and similar.

Honestly I think for many DAZ users, that of Genesis 2 doesn’t feel really need.

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