Released Genesis 2 and Victoria 6

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Available from several weeks in the DAZ 3D store we can find Victoria 6, a new version of one of the most used and downloaded 3d female models in the world.

Victoria 6 Genesis 2

V6 is built on the new Genesis 2 female base, 3d human figure that will be the base for all the future female figures, which will enable her to use all the contents that will be released for Genesis 2 female, as also use various morphs available to get different body shapes or the most diverse age.

Victoria 6 is available on payment in the store, while the basic figure is contained into the Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials available for free, that can be downloaded directly from the Product Library of your DAZ account or even using the Install Manager.

Genesis 2, back to the past?

With Genesis we had a single 3d base figure very versatile, which could take many forms both male and female, while with Genesis 2 we returns to having a female base figure, and then also a male, on which to derive shapes like Victoria 6.

While this decision seems to redefine all that was innovative in Genesis, on the other hand very probably, the distinction between different sexes will create morph with anatomical details or physical characteristics more targeted to the male or female gender, in addition to allowing people who creates clothes and accessories for these figures to be more specific in design, without having to worry about adapt the whole to both figures.

Major new features of Genesis 2

Having previously mentioned the fact that there are a male and a female base, here is the other innovations present in G2:

Genesis 2 female base

  • Increased Details, because with over 2000 more polygons than Genesis, the levels of detail on some of the most critical parts of the body such as the feet, hands, as well as knees and elbows produces a final product much more realistic.
  • Articulation, in particular were increased movements of individual ears, toes, breasts, torso and body joints. As well as the weight map have been reworked to show the effects of theses movements, and the gravity they happen in.
  • Facial Expressions, to produce more realistic movements and facial expressions Genesis 2 includes a movable and dynamic jaw, as well as a significant increase in facial polygons and a new eye reflection mesh.

Auto-fit and compatibility with previous contents

Genesis 2 can use all the content previously available for Genesis through the process of auto-fit, but unfortunately it requires the purchase of a separate product (Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female) if you want to transfer Victoria 4 textures or clothes on G2.

In addition, with the ability to go directly from a female base to another female base, the auto-fit process for Victoria 4 content has been further improved, allowing to achieve excellent results with content that normally with the same process on Genesis gave problems.

How is sold Victoria 6?

As usual is available the only V6 or two bundles that we now analyze.

  • Victoria 6 contains the Character Presets (.DUF and .CR2), a Full Body Shape, Head Shape, custom UV Set, Victoria 6 Material: Belle that include 6 Make-up options, 4 eye colours, 3 eye reflections, 3 level of Subsurface presets, Mouth Subsurface ON/OFF Presets, Normal Map Preset, Poser materials that not include Subsurface options and 20 poses.
  • Victoria 6 Starter Bundle include V6, 2 new hair, a new character, a new set of poses and two clothing, one fantasy and a party dress.
  • Victoria 6 Pro Bundle include all the content of the Starter Bundle more than  2 new character, other 2 clothes, also here one fantasy and a party dress, a bikini, 2 hair, a set containing 30 expressions, a new set with 20 poses and genitals.

Final considerations

Definitely interesting especially the bundles with some very interesting product, as the hairstyles Fashion Hair and Charm Hair that you can see in the promo pictures of V6 and V6 Starter Bundle, very useful poses and expressions, but some things can leave slightly disappointed.

For example, why they include the genitals only in the Pro Bundle and not with the Victoria 6 base? Besides this, some of the character included in the bundles to work better require the Genesis 2 Female Body Morphs and Genesis 2 Female Head Morphs, morph of the body and head that can also be used to vary the physical characteristics of G2 and also to create our own custom character, not included and that must be purchased separately.

Aside these negative notes, the new figure looks interesting and with details that enhance the realism, represents always a kind of woman with a ideal beauty, but not with a supermodel look who might have V5.

The images come from: DAZ 3D

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