Save 72% on Poser 9

At the moment Poser 9 will be on sale until November 17, it’s possible to save 72% on the normal price (249,99$) paying it only 69,99$.
Poser 9, how DAZ Studio, is like a virtual photo studio or movie set that can be used to create digital art or animation and comes with over three gigabytes of content as ready-to-pose 3D human figures, hair, clothing, props, scenery, lighting and camera effects you need to make your artworks.

Poser 9 cover

Also Poser Pro 2012 is on sale, with a 20% discount it can be paid 399,99$ (normal price is 499,99$). Poser Pro 2012 adds Gamma Correction, HDRI Export, 64-Bit Rendering, Queue Manager, Background Rendering, Z-Brush Support and PoserFusion Plugins for Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and Lightwave.

Poser Pro 2012 cover

In addition for Poser customers for a limited time there are free two human figures:

  • Tyler GND
  • Miki 4.0

Tyler GND© by Blackhearted© is a custom morph character for Ryan 2, one of the included characters in Poser 9 and Pro 2012.

Miki 4 from Smith Micro sets a new standard for 3D Human characters for Poser. She’s an anatomically accurate full body morph of Miki 3 with full Poser 9 compliant Vertex Weight Mapping for superior bending and posing and Subsurface Scattering for photorealistic skin.
Miki 4 includes abundant Advanced Body Controls for faster posing, Joint Controlled Morphs for muscle and tendon movement, with an extensive set of facial expressions and phonemes for synthesized speech.

All the products can be found on the Smith Micro Software store at this link.

Images come from Smith Micro Software site.

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