Blacksmith3D-Suite v4 on sale at 50% off

Blacksmith3D-Suite v4 is an application that includes painting tools, to import and paint textures directly on 3D objects or on your 3D figures, and morphing tools, which allow the creation of custom morphs.

Until July 7th this software will be available with 50% discount, coming to cost $149,95.

What is included in Blacksmith3D-Suite v4?

The suite is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit for PC and Mac and includes Blacksmith3D-Paint e Blacksmith3D-Morph.



3D-Paint is available in the suite and also as a stand-alone.

3D-Paint female_head

The main features are:

  • the ability to paint textures directly on 3D objects instead of going back and forth between the 2D paint software and the 3D modeling applications;
  • automatically create the UV map of any object with a single click;
  • paint across UV seams as if they didn’t exist;
  • the ability to paint directly from the reference image using the Clone Brush, just importing the reference image in the scene to start cloning;
  • the ability to select the precise details with the advanced selection tools;
  • the ability to paint and display in real time Bump-map or Displacement-map.


Also this application is available as part of the Blacksmith3D-Suite v4 or as stand-alone.


The new sculpting tools of this software are organized into two separate classes Chisels and Hammers.

Chisel toolsChisel tools are used as brushes, and allow you to deform the model by simply clicking and dragging across the surface.

Depending of the selected Chisel tool the strokes applied allow bulge, smooth, flatten, sharpen or contour details on the surface of the 3D model. For example, the Contour Chisel tool allows the artist to simply draw curves and the model’s surface conforms to that shape.

Hammer toolsThe Hammer tools, instead, have a slightly different workflow.They only act on a selected surface, and work to “heat up” and “deform” objects in a very intuitive way, utilizing hot selections (otherwise known as soft selections). The hotter portions of the object deform the most and the cooler parts deform the least. This allows for precise manipulation of the 3D object or figure.

Together, these tools make Blacksmith3D Morph-v4 a solution for creating morph powerful and intuitive for both professionals and hobbyists.

The images come from the blacksmith3D site.
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