DAZ Studio 4 Pro, Bryce 7 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 free for one month

EDIT: the offer ends at the end of April.

DAZ Studio 4 Pro, Bryce 7 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 FREE 😯 . Yes, you read just fine.

DAZ 3D for the entire month of February allows the free download of its softwares.
DAZ Studio Pro 4 is normally sold for $ 429.25, Bryce 7 Pro costs $ 249.95 and Hexagon 2.5 is $ 149.95. Moreover, the 3D Photoshop Bridge costing $ 199 is also now available for free until later this month.

A great savings for users and a good opportunity for those who don’t could or wouldn’t spend money to buy these softwares.

What is DAZ Studio?

DAZ Studio 4 Pro
Mostly it’s a software for the pose of 3D figures and 3D contents available, both for purchase that for free, at various online stores such as DAZ 3D, Renderosity, Runtime DNA and many others.

The software is used for the realization of rendered images and can also be used for the creation of 3D animations.

What adds the Pro version?

The Pro version adds to the features already covered in a previous article, even these plug-ins with these functions:

    • the Content Creator Toolkit. It’s a set of tools used by the Content Creator and by the 3D Artists to create characters, objects and 3D clothing.

The Content Creator Toolkit includes:

  1. Weight Map Brush to paint the standard weight map and the TriAx™ weight map;
  2. Polygon Group Editor Tool to create or edit groups of polygons on each 3D model;
  3. Transfer Utility to transfer the rigging, groups, forms from one object to another in the scene;
  4. Property Editor Tab to mass edit the properties of the attributes and can also be used for their creation, deletion, grouping, sorting and linking;
  5. Morph Loader Pro to quickly and easily add custom morph to the object in the scene, using Wavefront Object files (*. obj);
  6. Figure Setup Tab (previously called Skeleton Setup) to define the hierarchy among the various bones of the rig of a figure and the relationship between the geometry associated with them;
  7. Joint Editor Tool to manipulate the parameters of the joint of a figure as well as for creating and removing bone in the rig;
  8. ExP Exporter to generate EXP files using a graphical interface. This tool greatly simplifies a very long and tedious process that previously had to be done by hand.
  • GoZ Bridge For DAZ Studio 4. This bridge will allow you take your model from DAZ Studio 4 to ZBrush and back, with ease.
  • 3D Bridge for Adobe® Photoshop®. To pose the figures and objects in DAZ Studio and see the results updated in Photoshop.
  • Autodesk® FBX Exporter. Allows exporting to FBX format to permit the use of DAZ products in programs such as Motion Builder, Maya,LightWave, 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D and others.
  • Texture Atlas. Very helpful for those who create models or characters for video games. Allows you to collect all the textures associated with the selected figure, resize, scale and combine them into a new set of textures. Useful to reduce the overall size of the images and thus improve the performance in real-time applications.


What is Bryce?

Bryce 7 Pro
Bryce is a program for modeling and animation, specializing in the production of landscapes, architecture and 3D environments.

Of course it is also compatible with DAZ Studio, using the DAZ Studio Bridge, from which you can import your figures or scenes to populate your environments.

What is Hexagon?

Hexagon 2.5

Hexagon is a program for modeling and for the 3D content creation.

Includes all the functions to create directly from zero models ready to be rendered as it contains tools for modeling, sculpture, UV-mapping and 3D paint to texturize your content.

Also here, with the DAZ Studio Bridge, you can import models from DAZ Studio, modify them and export right back to DAZ Studio.



The video is Bryce 7 Demo Reel by WWWDAZ3DCOM.
Images come from http://www.daz3d.com/

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