How to use Dynamic Clothing with aniMate in DAZ Studio

In this simple tutorial we will see how to use the dynamic clothing with the aniMate plugin of DAZ Studio.

Once you prepared all your animation navigate to the Dynamic Clothing tab (unless you see it click on View, in the menu go to Tabs and check Dynamic Clothing), and check the option Animated.

Now you need to set the collision of  the clothing, then click Collide With ….

 It will open a new tab, Select items that will interact with cloth and how the name explains with these options we can select what interacts with the clothes.

It will initially selected all objects in the scene, but we should leave selected only those with which the dress effectively collide. Arriving at our character we can deselect the feet, hands, head and especially the hair. All these operations are intended to ease the calculation of the clothes simulation.

Attention: this part of the tutorial is only demonstrative and shows why the clothes don’t work with aniMate.

When finished click on Accept and launch the Drape.

When completed the drape take a look at your animation and you can see your character go around naked, this is because the simulation uses only information contained in the DAZ Studio’s Timeline.

End of the demonstrative part, continue from below.

So, the trick is to right click with the mouse on the aniMate timeline, you’ll see a menu where you must click the option Bake To Studio Keyframes.
When you do this aniMate transfer the contents of the aniblocks on the DS Timeline.

Now you can finally launch the simulation of the clothing clicking on Drape, and at the end render your animation (if you don’t know how you can refer to this other tutorial).

For a visual help  see also this video above showing the various steps.

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