Game and Virtual World Content by DAZ 3D

In response to customer demand, DAZ 3D has recently changed its licensing to allow its 3D assets to be used in games and has opened an online store dedicated to game developers, virtual world creators, and social game developers under the same domain name. Here is the link:

3D Models for Games

Also if you have a DAZ 3D account, you will need a new login name and email address to access the Developer Store. This is because the Developer Store is a separate store, with separate account information.


As licenses there is a single-title price, and a multi-title price for each item in the Developer Store. Single-title pricing means you can use the purchased content for one title in your organization or company.

Multi-title pricing allows your organization or company to use the content across unlimited titles or applications. There are two prices for each item, one for each license type.
Single use items are generally twice the price of the same item in the DAZ 3D store. Multi-use items are typically five times the price of the normal store item.

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