Corel Painter 11 three day sale!

For three days Corel will put Painter 11 in discount (The sale starts on April 6  2010 and ends on April 8 2010).

Painter 12 (Windows/Mac)

Below here is a list of links for Painter 11 tutorials, videos and Tips & Tricks.

Painter tutorials

1) Painter tutorials

The main tutorial page on the Corel website.

2) Drawing a Comic Book Page with Finished Pencils in Corel Painter 11

This tutorial takes you through the comic process, from planning ideas and composition, all the way to developing figures, creating perspective and adding finishing details. (.PDF, 760 KB)

3) Inking a Comic Book Page in Corel Painter 11

Discover helpful tools and tricks for easily controlling line weight, perfecting hair and facial features, and altering perspective. (.PDF, 604 KB)

4) A tour of Corel Painter for users of Adobe® Photoshop®

Join Painter Master Cher Threinen-Pendarvis as she walks Photoshop users through key tools and features of Painter and shows how simple it is to find your way. (.PDF, 157 KB)

5) The power of photo painting – Getting started in Painter 11

Learn how to optimize your images for photo painting, create a painting in a couple of clicks, then touch up by hand for a masterly effect. (.PDF, 358 KB)

6) Painting Portraits from Photos in Corel Painter

If you’re a professional photographer, or a hobbyist who wants to paint portraits of your kids or grandkids, you can try painting portraits with Corel Painter!

7) Painting natural-looking hair with Corel Painter
Discover the key to creating voluminous hair that is rich in color and texture, and best of all looks natural!

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Video tutorials

1) Personalize your Painter workflow by customizing your interface.

Learn how to create custom palettes and workspaces in Painter 11 to better organize your work/play experience.

View the Video

2) Painter 11 Online Launch

View the Video

3) Painter Master John Derry

Join Painter Master John Derry as he takes you through the photo-painting process from start to finish. Learn tips and gain insight on the techniques you need to take a photo and convert it into a painting. Enjoy!

Workflow 1

Learn how John uses Adobe® Photoshop® to prep the photo for painting.

Workflow 2

John details how he uses Auto-Painting to both visualize the photo as a painting and as a starting point.

Workflow 3

Walk through the process of interpreting the photo into a painted result.

Corel Painter 12

Painter Tips & Tricks

Main tips page

Painting with RealBristle Brushes

Painter Community Site

Find useful information from artists, designers, photographers and the Painter team, as well as inspirational artwork from members like you, community news and discussion.

The Painter Factory

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