Hexagon 2.5 free on DAZ 3D

DAZ 3D makes available for free Hexagon, a 3D modeling software, which includes all the functionality to create directly from scratch models ready to be rendered, as it contains tools for modeling, sculpture, UV-Mapping and 3D paint to texturize your content.

Using the DAZ Studio Bridge, you can also import 3D models from DAZ Studio, edit them in Hexagon and eventually export them back to DAZ Studio.

How to download Hexagon from the DAZ 3D site

As shown in the picture above, download the version suitable for your operating system.
After installing and starting it for the first time you need to enter the serial of the program that you will find in the Serial Numbers tab of your DAZ 3D account.

Although not updated for quite some time Hexagon works pretty decent even on the latest Windows operating systems (personally tested by me), but unfortunately sometimes it’s subject to sudden crashes during the modeling work.

DAZ 3D has decided to make Hexagon part of a free 3D suite to be used together with Daz Studio that allows you to create from scratch, animate and render your 3D models.

Therefore, it was announced that for the first quarter 2018 a more stable and updated version of the software will be available with support also for the 64-bit systems.

Hexagon Beta

After being in Private Beta, you can now download also for free the Hexagon Public Beta.
Buy it as a normal product, then open Install Manager (if you haven’t already installed it, you can get it from this page) and on the Ready to Download tab, check the Display Hidden box, then click on the Gear icon.

Find Hexagon Beta with Install Manager

Now go to the Downloads tab, check the Public Build entry and click on the Accept button below.

Install Manager check Public Build

Finally, go back to the Ready to Download tab and in the search box at the top right, enter Hexagon * Public Build to view the files you need to download and then install.

The Beta version is activated with the same serial of your Hexagon 2.5.

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