DAZ Original Male will return on payment

DAZ 3D will be phasing out the promotion that made all of its base figures available for free.
After The Kids4, also the male base figures (except for Michael 4) will be available for free for a limited time only.
However, before the promotion ends DAZ 3D will offer the Hiro 4 Pro Bundle, Hiro 4 Starter Pack, Freak 4 Pro Bundle, Freak 4 Starter Pack bundles for 50% off, as well as select items for the Male figures.

The promotional price on the DAZ Original Male Figures (excluding Michael 4) will end on Friday, February 25th at the end of the We LOVE M4 Week Celebration.
During the We LOVE M4 Week Celebration there will be new releases and deals on products for Michael 4.

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