Messiah Studio viral sale

pmG has started in these days a project of viral marketing for messiahStudio5.
This is a software that studios and individuals, in more than 60 countries of the world, have been using to create visual effects for some of your favorite movies, commercials, games and music videos.

It ‘s possible to purchase a  messiah Studio basic license at a price of only $ 10 (instead of 499), while the Pro version price is $ 40 (instead of 1195).

The rules are simple: you buy a license via PayPal (to a maximum of 4 even mixed). When the bar reaches the end, they will close out the offer and everyone can receive their license.
If at the end of the offer period the goal is not met, they will simply refund everyone.
In order to achieve the goal the same manufacturers incentive to spread the word and share the offer as possible to secure your copy.

For information here is the link:

Videos from:
Project:Messiah – Strut by twistedsheep
Showing off my animation rig in messiah studio by weggingt

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