How to install OptiTex Dynamic Clothing in DAZ Studio

From the OptiTex Dynamic Clothes site, as written also in some previous posts (you can read them here and here), can be downloaded several Dynamic Clothing for free, available for character like Victoria 4, Victoria 5, Michael 4 and Genesis.

Optitex Dynamic Clothing freebies

In this post we will see how to install the zipped files in DAZ Studio and where to find the content after the installation process.

Installation of the OptiTex Dynamic Clothing zipped files

In this example I’ve used the Flared Dress for V4.

After having downloaded your favorite files from the OptiTex site, locate your download folder and extract the zip files on a temporay folder.

In this example, the Flared Dress contains another zipped files named content that must be extracted.
Now open the content folder to see three more folders: data, People and Runtime.

Not all dresses have this additional zipped folder, so don’t worry if you can not find it.
The important thing is that for each dress you find the data, People and Runtime folders.

Wishing you can directly copy these folders in your default My DAZ 3D Library folder, but I prefer to create a new library in which to install exclusively the OptiTex Dynamic Clothing contents.

The default path is:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library.

So if you want to add a new library, create a new folder in your Public Documents folder, or in any preferred path, name it for example OptiTex Library and now copy the extracted files in this folder.

Finding the OptiTex installed content

Now open DAZ Studio and if you’ve created a new library press F2 to open the Preferences, move on Content Library tab and click on Content Directory Manager….
Highlight DAZ Studio Formats and click on Add, locate your new library and click on Select Folder, then click on Accept and another time on Accept to exit from the Preferences.

Now go on the Content Library tab and under DAZ Studio Formats search your new folder (or in the My DAZ 3D Library, if you’ve copied the files in the default library) to see the installed Dynamic Clothing.
Where to find the OptiTex Dynamic clothing in DAZ Studio

The new files will not appear in the Smart Content tab because they come without MetaData.

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