New V4 Elite texture and morph Reby Sky

Who is Reby Sky?

Consulting Wikipedia we learn that Rebecca Victoria Reyes was born  on August 6, 1986, professionally known as Reby Sky, is an American glamour model, radio & television personality, dancer and professional wrestler. And what has to do with the 3D world?

Reby Sky has partnered with DAZ 3D, and after exhaustive 3D scanning of her body, multiple photo-shoots, and motions capture sessions is now available in the DAZ Store the V4 Elite: Reby Sky . This elite character set for Victoria 4, that contain the official Reby Sky texture and morph set, adds a whole new level of realism to your runtime.

In the past Digital Clones had serious limitations, such for example the fact that you can use them only for non commercial purposes, Reby Sky instead will not carry with her the strict and limiting EULA of past clone type models, allowing you to use her in all your renders and projects :).


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